LEAD is an acronym for Langston Education and Arts Development, Inc. Founded by alumni of Langston High School in Johnson City, Tennessee along with many friends and supporters from the community, LEAD has as its mission to: preserve the integrity, legacy and historical value of Langston High School campus for the posterity and enhancement of the community. LEAD is committed to providing responsive educational and multi-cultural opportunities designed to bring diverse groups of people together in a safe learning environment.

LEAD is working with the City of Johnson City to preserve the historical campus of Langston High School, which served our Black community from 1893 to 1965. The organization seeks to preserve the cultural relevance and heritage of the Langston High School site and hopes to utilize the building as a multicultural community center for educational and artistic programs. Once the renovation is complete, LEAD members are committed to providing youth programming focused on computer science, theatrical arts, and mentoring in the facility. Further, the site is a highly-visible structure that serves as a gateway to the downtown Johnson City community, which will substantially impact improvements to downtown aesthetics and redevelopment.