Public-Private Partnership

Public-private partnerships are of great importance to our community. Our region is passionate about coming together to accomplish great things, leveraging synergies between the strategic goals of our government leaders and the leadership of private citizens in our community who are dedicated to investing in making our home a great place to live, work and play.

LEAD and the City of Johnson City have worked diligently over many months to establish such a relationship to the benefit of the Langston High School renovation project. We are proud of our efforts and our positive working relationship with our City’s leaders. In order to make this unprecedented public-private partnership a success, we need your help. It is imperative that we demonstrate the commitment of private and corporate citizens in our region through monetary support of the project to meet both our campaign goal and the ultimate goal to preserve the historical campus of Langston High School as a place to support the multicultural diversity of our region into the future.

Langston Centre Recording Studio Equipment Donation Request

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