Community History 365

A group of Johnson City stakeholders has formed Community History 365 (CH365), a local effort to utilize Black History 365 to increase awareness in our community of its history. CH365 will start free Black History classes for adults starting Tuesday, July 11, 2023, from 2-4 pm. A free monthly “Lunch and Learn” will begin Sept. 8, 2023 at noon. RSVPs are needed for these events and can be made by calling the Langston Centre at 423-434-5785. There will be updates on middle and high school class opportunities soon.

A program like this cannot be sustained without financial assistance. Money is being raised to cover the costs of the textbooks to be maintained in the Langston Centre Library. Adult textbooks are $159.99 plus S&H (approximately $170). A donation of $170 will ensure there are textbooks housed at the Langston Centre. Checks are payable to LEAD, P.O. Box 111, Johnson City, TN 37601-0111. This donation will include a gift of the textbook, which you can then gift back to the Langston Centre for their use in these free classes.

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